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Electric Bike Assembly

VeeGo Semi-Fat

Gen 1 Semi-Fat / Semi-Fat SR (2019 - April 2022)

This is the version with the 2.8/3.0" tires, folding frame, and tri-spoke magnesium wheels.


Gen 2 Semi-Fat (October 2022+)

This Semi-Fat has spoked wheels, folding frame, and integrated front basket.


VeeGo Fat Tire

Gen 2 Fat Tire (2020 - April 2022)

Fat Tire w/ 4" tires, folding frame, and 750W motor.


Gen 3 Fat Tire (August 2022+)

Fat Tire w/ 4" tires, folding frame, integrated front basket.


VeeGo 750

Gen 2 750 (2020+)

Does not have folding frame, with magnesium wheels and 52V battery.