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VeeGo 750 Assembly

Thank you for your purchase!  Due to extended delays we are behind schedule creating operating videos for your new 2020 VeeGo 750.  Please use the instructions below in the meantime and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Remove packing material

Rotate lower stem (attached to bicycle) vertical

Insert handlebar side of stem into stem


Pedal Installation

Add grease to both pedal threads with included grease pack

Attach left pedal to left crank and rotate counter clockwise with included Allen tool

Attach right pedal to right crank and rotate clockwise with included Allen tool

⚠️ Both pedals tighten by rotating towards the front of the bicycle

⚠️ Please do NOT use pedal washers when installing pedals.  Pedal washers provide minimal benefit, and if not installed correctly will cause damage to your crankset and bicycle. They are included with the pedals because some bikes need them and some do not.  Your bikes do not need them so please do not use them.


VeeGo 750 Operation


Your battery has 3 positions: Unlocked, Locked, and Locked & On. It can be charged in all 3 positions.

Unlocked: Your battery can be inserted and removed.

Locked: Your battery is locked to the bike, the key can be removed, but the bike cannot be powered on.

Locked & On: Your battery is locked to the bike and it can be powered up.

⚠️ Do NOT transport your bike with the battery unlocked, it can slide up and down damaging the pins on the bottom side.

⚠️ If your key will not turn into the 'On' position, make sure the battery is pushed all of the way down.

⚠️ Only use the included charger to charge your VeeGo 750 battery

Battery operation for VeeGo Fat Tire

LCD Buttons

Top '+" Button:

Press to increase pedal assistance level

Hold to turn lights on/off


Middle 'Power' Button

Hold to turn bike on and off

Double tap to switch between 2 LCD screens


Button '-' Button

Press to decrease pedal assistance

Hold for Walk Mode


LCD Screens

Your VeeGo 750 allows you to choose between 2 layouts.

Double tap the middle power button to switch between the two screens.


ODO: Odometer.  Tracks the total mileage of your bicycle.

TRIP: Trip distance

RUN TM: How long the bicycle has been operating for the current ride

WATT: Current bicycle power

AMPS: Controller amperage, between 0 and 25amps for max power


Trip Reset & Settings



USB Charging

A USB charging port is located on the back side of your LCD button panel.


Operating Specifications

Tire Pressure: 5-30psi (20-22psi for normal use)
Fork Air Pressure: 50-100psi