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As more and more electric bikes come to the market, it is easy to get confused about the different types of assistance – pedal assist, electric assist, throttle assist, etc. In this blog post I am going to explain how our throttle assisted e-bikes operate and the benefits of our system compared to others out there.

Throttle Assist vs Pedal Assist

Throttle Assist: Similar to a motorcycle, as you press the throttle the motor engages and drives you down the road. The more you press the throttle, the faster you go.

Pedal Assist: As you pedal, a sensor is activated and the motor is turned on. There is a delay between the time you start pedaling and motor activation and also between when you stop pedaling and motor deactivation.

Throttle Benefit #1: Starting from a Stop

One of the biggest benefits to having a throttle is being able to use the motor to get you going from a stop. If you are starting uphill or in the wrong gear, instead of struggling to get the bike going without falling over, use the throttle to get started before pedaling!

Throttle Benefit #2: Maneuverability

When maneuvering around cars, light poles, people, pets, animals, etc - having a throttle allows you to accelerate with ease around each obstacle. Pedal assisted bikes have a delay between the time you pedal and the motor activates making it more difficult to dodge objects swiftly.

Throttle Benefit #3: Float Over Rough Roads

Rough roads are inevitable - the best way to attack a large pothole is to unload your saddle and absorb the impact with your legs. While this will reduce the impact from the pothole, it will also cause you to slow down significantly. A throttle allows you to power over rough sections of road, maintain your speed, and absorb the bumps with your legs!