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How To: Increase E-Bike Range

Increase electric bicycle range and time with tips

If you are in the market for an electric bike, a common question you might have is how far can the bike travel? For those who already own an electric bike, you may be looking to increase its range. While the size of the battery included with the bike is the largest factor, the tips below will help all e-bike owners travel further with each charge.

Tip #1 - Reduce your speed

How fast you travel is one of the largest contributors to how many miles your battery will be able to push your electric bicycle down the road. Because wind resistance increases exponentially, as you travel faster you pay a much higher ‘tax’ to travel at that speed. Let’s see how different speeds affect our range.

20MPH) Baseline

18MPH) + 2-3 Miles

16MPH) + 6-7 Miles

14MPH) + 10-11 Miles

Tip #2 - Start Smarter

Stopping and starting frequently can significantly reduce the range of your e-bike much like a car. While electric motors are great at providing large amounts of torque at low speeds, they are extremely inefficient draining your battery at a rapid rate. If you rely on the motor alone to get your bicycle up to speed, each start can reduce your overall mileage by up to a quarter mile! If you pedal a few strokes before using the motor it will add more miles to the overall range.

Mileage Increase: + 1-3 Miles

Tip #3 - Utilize Electric Assist

Using a combination of human and battery power is another sure way to increase your mileage significantly. Ride Scoozy electric bikes allow you to fine tune the electric assistance with the cruise control function. Unlike other e-bikes that have a limited number of assist options, our system allows an infinite number of assist levels. Set the cruise at whatever throttle level you want to provide that amount of assistance while you ride!

Mileage Increase: + 10-20 Miles

As you can see the range of your electric bike can be anywhere between 15 and 50 miles depending how you ride it! Keep these tips in mind while you ride if you are looking to increase the range of your electric bike.