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Recently mid-drive motors have become more popular with electric bikes. While the people selling these new models say they are better than e-bikes with hub motors, we are more than happy to provide an honest comparison to help you make the right decision!

#1 - What is a mid-drive motor?

Mid Drive Motor: A mid drive motor powers the bicycle crank instead of the bicycle wheel. The biggest benefit of a crank based motor is that it allows for a 'transmission' effect similar to a car. When you shift gears you can keep the motor at the same RPM to maximize power.

#2 - Sounds great, what's the problem?

The biggest downside to crank based motors is that they can wreak havoc on your drivetrain system. Electric motors provide an immense amount of torque and using one to power your drivetrain can cause lots fo shifting problems and damaged parts.

If you stick with a 250Watt - 350Watt mid drive motor, there usually are not as many problems. This is why the largest e-bike company (Bosch) mostly supplies 250W kits. Even with only 250W you will still notice subpar shifting performance.

Additionally, mid drive motors are also more expensive than a traditional hub motor that may be sufficient for your riding needs.

#3 - What about those high power Bafang mid-drive kits?

The Bafang mid-drive conversion kit has received a ton of popularity recently - mostly due to the ease of installation. The kits can be installed without any special tools and fit most modern bicycles.

They offer kits from 250W to 1000+ Watts that can propel you up to 30mph!

Personally, I prefer hub motors because they still give you the sensation that you are riding a bicycle but with less resistance. With the high powered mid drive motors, it feels like you are riding a moped but have to pedal your legs to activate the throttle.

#4 - Will you offer mid-drive Scoozy's?

YES! We will offer mid-drive powered Scoozy's on our 8 speed chromoly bikes. For many the high speed and reduced weight is needed for efficient bike commuting.


If you are looking for a high speed commuting option to replace your vehicle and cost is not a factor - a high powered mid-drive e-bike may be your best option.

If you are looking for a fun electric bicycle for short commutes around town - a hub motor may be more economical and more fun to ride and require less maintenance.