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Electric Bicycles are becoming more and more popular across the United States and with new e-bike specific shops popping up 2015 will surely see the e-bike take off to new heights.

Slowly and steadily people are learning that electric bikes are a lot of fun to ride. Additionally, they also provide a feasible transportation alternative saving you lots of money and time. No longer are electric bicycles being compared to traditional bicycles, but cars and trucks. What commuter wouldn't be jealous of the traffic free bike lanes where e-bikes can legally travel at 20mph to their destination.

While trying to decide what to spend your holiday money on, make sure you consider an e-bike. Sure you could buy that next generation $200 light bulb at your local hardware store, but I am pretty confident that not only would you save a lot more money with an e-bike, but it would also improve your life!

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